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MS. Arm. f. 23

Oriental Manuscripts


Antiphonary, 14th cent.

1. f. 22
Incipit: … ցէք եիղլապետրս ջերմ արտասուաւք …

The Hymn of the Night Office.

2. f. 2(b)2(b)

Order of the Heads of Canons in general.

3. f. 77

Forms of the 'O King', for days of penance.

4. f. 12(b)12(b)

Forms of the 'O King', for feasts of martyrs.

5. f. 1717

According to the eight tones. Order of the Alleluiahs in the Night Office.

7. f. 3333

accordin to the eight tones. Forms of the 'Blessed art thou, Lord God of our Fathers'.

12. f. 6666

Accodring to the eight tones. Lacking the end.

13. f. 8585
Incipit: … իջեալ ի երկնից …

Lacking the beginning.

16. f. 8787

according to the eight tones. Lacking the beginning.

23. f. 112112

Lacking the beginning and the end.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Dimensions (leaf): 5.5" × 4" × 1.5" in.



Written in Bolorgir script


Origin: 14th cent.

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on: Baronian, Sukias, Rev.; Conybeare, F. C. (Frederick Cornwallis); Catalogue of the Armenian manuscripts in the Bodleain Library; Oxford, at the Clarendon Press 1918


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