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MS. Arm. e. 24

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Ethical Miscellany of Simeon of Julfa, Sermons, A.D. 1701

1. f. 3
Language(s): Armenian

Contains various smaller pieces, amongst which: Sayings on moral subjects; Collection of texts from Holy Writ for use in sermons; Forms of exordium for sermons, etc.

2. f. 197
Language(s): Armenian

Contains: On Soul and Body; On Prayer; On the Unjust Steward.

3. f. 214
Language(s): Armenian
5. f. 402
Language(s): Armenian
6. f. 449
Language(s): Armenian

Contains: Index of the chapters of the Life of Fathers; Index of the stories of the Menologium.

7. f. 459
Language(s): Armenian

Contains: Isagoge of Porphyry; Categories of Aristotle; On the interpretation of Aristotle, with the commentary of David (the Invincible).

8. f. 518(b)
Incipit: և ինքն Դիոնեսիւս այսպէս գրեաց. Եղպարք, ես ի Բալբաք քաղաք …
Language(s): Armenian
9. f. 519
Language(s): Armenian

Contains: On Repentance and Confession, with reference to the Parable of the Prodigal Son; On Dead; On Peace; On the Great Saturday; On the Coming into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)l On the Church.


Physical Description

Form: codex
Dimensions (leaf): 7.75" × 5" × 3" in.



Unknown script


Origin: 1701 (1150 in the Armenian calendar)

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on: Baronian, Sukias, Rev.; Conybeare, F. C. (Frederick Cornwallis); Catalogue of the Armenian manuscripts in the Bodleian Library; Oxford, at the Clarendon Press 1918


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