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MS. Arm. e. 16

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Nana the Syrian, 17th or 18th cent.

f. 1
Language(s): Armenian

The anonymous translator in a preface states that Nana, a Syrian archdeacon, made his commentary at the request of Bagarat Bagratouni, governor of Armenia (A.D. 835-847) under the Arabs, in Aranic. When Bagarat was forced to abjure his faith, Sembat Bagratouni, chief of the Armenian militia, having once come to know of the work, gave order to the tranlsator (who is left unnamed), tot run it from the Arabic into Armenianl this work was interrupted when Sembat was in his turn captured ny the Arabs and put to death for his faith (A.D. 856), but later on a new and complete translation 'with some abridgements' was ordered by Mariam Bagratouni 'the Lady of Siuniq', daughter-in-law of Sembat. The work does not exist in Syriac, but there is extant a Greek version under the name of Nonnus of Panopolis.


Physical Description

Form: codex
Dimensions (leaf): 7.375" × 5.75" × 1" in.



Written in Bolorgir script


Origin: 17th/18th cent.

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on: Baronian, Sukias, Rev.; Conybeare, F. C. (Frederick Cornwallis); Catalogue of the Armenian manuscripts in the Bodleian Library; Oxford, at the Clarendon Press 1918


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