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MS. Arm. b. 2

Oriental Manuscripts


Old Fly-leaves

1. f. 1
Language(s): Armenian

Vellum, a leaf with its margin cut away. Size 5.375" by 3". Text on recto of 13 lines, in regular Cicilian bolorgir of 13th cent. Full text in ff. 213(b) -214 of MS. Arm. VI of the Royal Library in Munich. On the verso is a partly decayed picture in Byzantine style, with gold background: it represents an officiating bishop (probably St. Basil) before an altar with a canopy, taking in his hand a (liturgical) book.

2. f. 2
Language(s): Armenian

Glazed cotton paper, brownish. Size, 5.25" by 3.25". Text, 4" by 2.75" of 23 lines. Written in bolorgir of the 14th cent., with musical notes, containing a portion of the fourth tone (դ՟ձ) of the Canon of Martyrs. Given by Dr. Baronian.

3. f. 3
Language(s): Armenian

Glzaed paper, brownish. Size, 5" by 3.375". Text, bordered with double red line on left and single on right, 3.25" by 2" of 21 and 19 lines. Written in bolorgir of the 14th or 15th cent., without musical notes, containing the latter half of the Canon of teh Eve of the Theophany. Given by Dr. Baronian.

4. f. 4
Language(s): Armenian

Thin vellum, discoloured. The upper part of six leaves of an old Ritual, closely resembling the oldest copy preserved in San Lazaro in Venice. Size, about 7" by 4". Text, originally about 7" by 5", in two columns of 21 lines each. Written in small Erkat'agir with smaller ones in rubrics. Given by Dr. Baronian.

6. f. 10
Language(s): Armenian

Vellum. First top lines and the inner margins cut away. Size, 8.25" by 6.125". Text, originally 7.75" by 4.875", in two columns of about 25 lines each. Written in distinct bolorgir of the 14th cent., with rubrications. Given by Dr. Baronian.

9. f. 13
Language(s): Armenian

Thin vellum. Original size, including six missing lines, 14.5" by 7.25". Text, originally 12.25" by 4.5", in two columns of 32 lines each. Written in small square Erkat'agir of the 11th or 12th cent. The first article concludes with a colophon of the copyist in four lines, in which teh name 'George' as owner is contained. Given by Dr. Baronian.

10. f. 14
Language(s): Armenian

Vellum, stained. Two leaves from one MS. Size, 11.5" by 7.875". Text, originally in two columns, the first leafe measures 10" by 5.75", in 22 lines, and the second 11" by 5.75", in 25 lines. Written in large square Erkat'agir of the 12th cent. Given by Dr. Baronian.

12. f. 16
Language(s): Armenian

Vellum. A single folio cut in half horizontally, but rejoinedL lateral margins curtailed. Size, upper half 9.75" by 6.75", lower 9.75" by 6.125". Verso left blank. Text on recto of 30 lines of varying lenght as defined by surrounding ornamental design. The latter consists of the following: A horizontal stripe of conventional fruit and foliage work, in green and blue on gold background, extends across the bottom of the page, from which rise vertical stripes of loose rope-work in blue on gold background, met at the top and joined by a stripe of fruit and foliage work similar to that below, but not carried to the edges of the page. The rectilinear frame so formed is bordered within by a purple diaper pattern edged internally by a red stripe of elliptical form with ogival projections. Within the space defined by this stripe is written the text. The rectilinear frame carries above two peacocks in profile, thei beaks toward a central one which faces the reader with outspread tail: their colours blue, red, and gold. At each upper corner an arabesque of blue rope-work on gold; the side margins occupied by branchwork of blue, supporting green global fruits veined with gold. On the left a red snake raises himself erect to taste the fruit. Text in small Erkat'agir such as is used in rubrics and marginal notes of 10th and 11th cent. gospels. Printed by N. Karamiantz in his cataligue of the Armenian MSS. of Berlin. Given by Dr. Baronian.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Dimensions (leaf): 19.25" × 15.75" in.



Unknown script



Provenance and Acquisition

This MS. given by Dr. Baronian.

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on: Baronian, Sukias, Rev.; Conybeare, F. C. (Frederick Cornwallis); Catalogue of the Armenian manuscripts in the Bodleian Library; Oxford, at the Clarendon Press 1918


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