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MS. Arm. d. 22

Oriental Manuscripts


The Four Gospels, 16th century, illustrated with 14 full-page miniature paintings.

ff. 18r-87v
Language(s): Armenian
ff. 89r-133v
Language(s): Armenian

The apocryphal verses 16:9-20 excluded.

ff. 133v
Language(s): Armenian
ff. 135r-209v
Language(s): Armenian
ff. 211r-265v
Language(s): Armenian

The episode of the ‘Woman taken in adultery’ is excluded.

ff. 265v-266v
Colophon: Փառք անսըկզբանն եւ զկիզբն ամենայնի ... incomplete
Language(s): Armenian


Nersessian, Vrej. A Catalogue of the Armenian Manuscripts in the British Library Acquired since the Year 1913 and of Collections in Other Libraries in the United Kingdom. London: The British Library, 2012, no 36, pp. 249-253.
van Lint, Theo Maarten and Robin Meyer (eds.). Armenia: Masterpieces from an Enduring Culture. Oxford: Bodleian Library, 2015, no 9, p. 88.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Main text on thick paper, with thick vellum flyleaves.
Extent: ff. ii + 266 + i
Dimensions (leaf): 270 × 190 mm.


i (end signature 27b), ii28, iii40, iv52, v64, vi76, vii88, viii100, ix112, x124, xi136, xii148, xiii158, xiv170, xv181, xvi193, xvii205, xviii217, xix229, xx241, xxi253-264 and xxii265-266


The MS is in fine condition. The portrait of St Matthew is missing and also missing are leaves from the end, which contained the end of the principal colophon.


Double columns of 23 lines per page. Margins in the middle and the outer borders marked by double lines using red ink. The synoptic numbers are placed in the lower margins. 210 × 120 mm.


Written in medium bolorgir script in black ink. Verse initials in red ink.



Dark brown leather over wooden boards. The top cover has a central cross surrounded by borders. The back cover is stamped with floral and geometric patterns. The binding has been restored. The front and back covers have been pasted down onto matching modern leather with a new spine, but preserving the original flap. The inside of the front cover is lined with red printed cloth, while the back has red and white doublures. The cloth inside the flap does not match that of the covers.


Origin: ; Dated to between 1588 and 1602.

Provenance and Acquisition

Record Sources

The main text of this description is from Nersessian 2012, N36, pp. 249-253. Several additions and corrections to the text have been introduced by David Zakarian for the online catalogue.


In order to protect and preserve this artefact, access to it is restricted, and readers are asked to work from reproductions and published descriptions as far as possible. If you require access to the original, please submit your request through the Bodleian Archives and Manuscript Request service. When your request is received, you will be asked to provide further information outlining the subject of your research, the importance of this item to that research, and the resources you have already consulted. Your application will then be considered by our curatorial staff. Entry to read in the Library is permitted only on presentation of a valid reader's card (for admissions procedures contact Bodleian Admissions).

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